How to Choose a Denturist in Niagara Region ?

Hayven Denturist Team

Choosing the right denturist for yourself is very important. Imagine getting a photographer for your wedding and when the photos come out, you realize it didn't capture the highlights or emotions of the wedding properly. Instead of being light, warm and joyous, the photos are fuzzy and have a darker, colder and distant tone to them. Or imagine, getting a contractor to build you a house and when it's finished, you realize the layout is not functional to you and it didn't truly replicate the initial drawings approved by you and your designer. On top of all that, you still have to pay the large sum of money for their work and services.

So, what is a denturist? A denturist is someone who has been trained in accessing your facial features and customizing your dentures from the ground up so that the you can smile confidently and eat healthily.

Thirty years ago, dentures were noticeably more uncomfortable and looked less natural than how they fit and appear today. Nowadays, new techniques have made it very clinician reliant so that proper records are obtained and very precise dentures are fabricated to suit your needs. Today's dentures are much more comfortable, retentive and longer lasting. If you have missing teeth, a denture clinic today would assess your needs and provide several different options. But the big question still remains: how do you choose a denturist? Well, here's what you have to consider before choosing your denturist.

Do you trust your denturist?

First and foremost, you're handing over your oral health, digestion, smile, confidence and identity to someone you may not even know. During your consultation with the denturist you have to see what their views of a denture is and what dentures really mean to them. Do they consider dentures just a piece of plastic they make so they can make money? Do they consider dentures as a life-enhancing dental prosthetic that can make or break a person?

You may not have to be comfortable with what they are saying but you have to understand what they are saying and how the treatment plan they have for you will benefit you. For example, if your denturist suggests that you need to get a new denture, you may not be comfortable hearing it but at least you have to inquire and understand why they suggested it. If their reasoning does not stand strong and address the issues you have then it could be wise to walk away.

You're putting a lot on the line with any denture treatment and there's a lot of opportunities for things to go wrong. Choose a denturist who is able to freely answer your questions and who you consider trustworthy.

Is your denturist knowledgeable?

Granted, not every denturist can be experienced. Given time however, every denturist can gain experience and be experienced. The real question to ask, β€œis there a difference between having experience by number of years and having good experience?” What did the denturist learn, go through and actually experience during this time of β€œexperience”?

What's been helpful for everyone is to have denturist who is willing to learn and grow their skills, and implement up-to-date and proper techniques to better help patients. If you're choosing a denturist, you want a professional who has willingly expanded their knowledge of their craft to show you the respect and care you deserve. At the end of the day, you are not only paying for their ability in providing a denture but their services in providing you that denture and the maintenance of your denture after they have given it to you. They should earn the money you're paying them.

You're replacing teeth, your self-confidence, and your smile. A knowledgeable denturist knows the pros and cons of dentures, the differences between the different types of dentures, and what to recommend.

Is your denturist willing to answer questions?

A denturist is an expert in the design, construction, insertion, and adjustment of your dentures. They should have the education behind them to be kind and answer your questions thoroughly. You shouldn't feel like you're being rushed out of their office or like you're just another patient. Denturists, as guided by the Denturist Association of Canada, are required to uphold the highest standards in service and care. If they're cutting corners or just don't appear to care about what they're doing, there are better denture clinics out there.

Why price isn't as important as one might think

The price you get quoted upfront may seem like a big deal and many times people are tempted to negotiate the price lower. The bigger picture however is to consider what happens after the denturist has taken your money and given you your dentures. What is the longevity of that denture? Are they willing to help service your dentures, such as adjustments, and provide the help you need so that you can live comfortably and healthily for the years to come? Did the denturist just lower the price to satisfy you or did they also lower the quality and aftercare as well?

A lot of times, the denturist will be following a fee guide by their denturist associations. The fee guide usually takes into account the material costs, other upkeep costs, and the time required to make your dentures. Denturists do not need to follow this guide to the tee but there are things to consider when denturists charge less than the fee guide: the difference in material quality, infection control protocol, accuracy of records obtained, services given, etc….

It is important to know that dentures are expensive, just like any other medical or dental treatment. Dentures can take months to provide just so that the customization of the denture fits your mouth and only your mouth.

Does your denturist have good customer reviews?

The Internet's a wonderful place with reviews on sites like Google Maps, Facebook, Yelp, and elsewhere. Does your denturist have strong online reviews from prior customers? If so, that's excellent news! If not, other factors that make up a good denturist needs to be considered. Furthermore, ask your denturist if they've worked on a similar patient as you before and what their experience was. Maybe they can provide a reference to speak to, to help answer some questions about the process.

Do you have friends or family with dentures?

If you know of friends or family who have dentures, ask them where they got it done. They may be able to recommend a denturist or denture clinic. Alternatively, maybe they can tell you places to avoid or what to expect from a consultation. If you're starting from scratch and have nobody to ask or talk to, a simple online search for a denturist in St. Catharines or the Niagara region is a good starting point.

Is your denturist courteous and professional?

When you walk into a denture clinic and speak with the staff and denturist, it should be courteous and professional interaction. Not only that but is the office clean? Are the people there kind? Do you feel comfortable and cared for there? Select a denturist or denture clinic who treats you like family and who isn't going to disappoint. Selecting the right dentures for you can be a decision that takes some time to make.

Is there a specific denture you're looking for?

All denture clinics do not provide the same list of services. If you're searching for a specific denture type, ensure the denturist you're considering has the experience and education to deliver the sort of product and service you want. Examples of different dentures a denture clinic may offer includes suction dentures.

These are the important factors to consider when choosing a denturist. If you're on the fence, Hayven Dentures would love to provide free consultations. From the initial consultation through to the creation of the dentures, our talented book your first appointment of many.

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