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Hayven Dentures in St. Catharines simplifies the process of getting your quality dentures and new smile. We work with you on a personal level and we collaborate with other Dental Professionals, Dentists, Periodontists and Oral Surgeons to optimize your treatment outcome. We make it convenient and easy so you can have the freedom and life you deserve.

Hayven Dentures is committed to providing comfortable, natural-looking denture solutions. We incorporate digital technology of 3D scanning, printing and milling to provide denture fixes and treatments that are truly and fully customized for the wearer.

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Hayven Dentures St. Catharines

Here at the Hayven Denture clinic in St. Catharines, you will receive dentures that help you live life comfortably and smile from cheek to cheek.

Better than the average diversified dental clinics, the only services provided here are denture related which means all the love, time and effort spent is spent making your dentures.

Different from sticking to outdated conventional methods… this clinic uses new studies, researches, and technologies so you can go home to enjoy life comfortably for years to come.

Innovative Technology

Conventional wisdom had its place back in the day but with new innovative techniques and technology dentures are made better, faster, and more comfortable for you.

Continuing Education

Growth is important to us. If we stop learning and think we are the best or believe we know everything we start to fall and fail you. We continue to learn for your health.

You First, You in Mind

We customize your treatment plan with your current situation in mind. We also treatment plan for your long-term overall health and oral health gain and benefit.

Collaboration Mindset

We strongly believe in working together with other dental professionals because it increases the success rate of your denture treatment; β€œtwo heads are better than one.”

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Our Denture Services

Hayven Dentures St. Catharines is committed to providing quality and long lasting denture services.

Here are just some types of dentures and services our Denturists are recognized for in providing:

suction dentures

Suction Dentures

Suction dentures help reduce the amount of denture glue you need to use and stays in without implants. Let’s find the toughest foods you can eat again.

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Partial dentures

Partial Dentures

Partial dentures are great solutions for replacing missing teeth. Smile confidently without anyone knowing you have missing teeth.

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Implant Retained Dentures

Implant Denture

Implant dentures definitely help you chew almost everything again. Being secured, implant dentures feel like the closest to your natural teeth.

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What a Denturist Can Do For You:

At Hayven Dentures St. Catharines, our experienced Denturists provide denture treatments and denture solutions that many consider them to be the best. Their scope of practice revolves around many types of dentures such as suction dentures, implant dentures, partial dentures, immediate dentures, and denture repairs & relines.

In House Lab

The Denturists in Our St Catharines denture clinic tend to keep the lab work in-house allowing them to see how their professionally constructed dentures look in the patient’s mouth. This allows for full customization of your new dentures to fit and feel just right.

Fully Customized for You

Having both patient feedback and access to a lab, a denturist can easily and quickly customize the dentures to meet patient esthetic expectations and biofunctional needs. The skill and knowledge that denturists use to take detailed impressions, and record precise measurements contribute to the success of your new denture. Denturists dedicate all their time and efforts to provide you with a denture that made just for you.

You should ask and know about the different types of dentures and how the dentures you will receive are made. Are the dentures conventional dentures or personal biofunctional dentures? It is also good to know what materials will be used throughout the process as the materials can determine how successful the dentures will be and how long the dentures will last.

Pursuit for Education and Innovation

It is important to consider outside the factor of distance when choosing your dental practitioner to complete your denture treatment. Many people choose based on β€œdentures near me” or β€œdenturists near me” but end up regretting not doing further research before picking the right denture clinic for themselves.

Finding a dental professional who is up-to-date on their denture treatment skills and education plays a bigger part of the success of your treatment. You should feel as comfortable as possible throughout the whole treatment processes.

You have the right to accept denture treatment from the dentist which could be based on reasons of convenience or trust with the dentist. You also, however, have the right to decline denture treatment from the dentist and look elsewhere. Another option is to let your dentist know you would like for them to collaborate with a denturist on your denture treatment.

Generally, denturists construct and build more than 30 dentures during their schooling, giving them the opportunity to experience many different cases before graduation – both difficult and easy ones.

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brody robinson

⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐ 2 months ago

My experience with Hayven was a positive one. Everyone was so pleasant and reassuring. They take great care to get everything just right. I never had to wait more than 10 min. for my appointment. I would recommend them 100 percent. Thanks Hayven for everything.

Anne Courtney

⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐ 8 months ago

Following dental surgery I had immediate dentures installed at another denture clinic. Unfortunately, right from the start, they were poorly fitting and despite many return visits, the problems continued and worsened. The final straw occurred when my top denture literally dropped out of my mouth when I was speaking. Because the dentures were so loose, I had been using dental adhesive on both the top and bottom but unfortunately the dentures released as soon as I started eating and soft food entered under both dentures. As a result, I was unable to eat regular food and was limited to very soft items, like eggs, soup, yogurt etc. I needed help and following much research and checking with various people, I was so fortunate to find Hayven Dentures where I spoke with Cherie, the business administrator, and made an appointment. Following a consultation with Hayes, I felt immediately at ease and very impressed with the length of time he spent checking and discussing my issue. I was very relieved when he identified that the main cause of my problems was because the denture bite was misaligned. He corrected the problem on the upper denture and adjusted the lower one to the point that using adhesive I can now eat proper food and my denture stays in place! I was also informed that Hayven Dentures install a temporary immediate denture following dental surgery and after 4 months the permanent dentures are fitted and installed, The denture clinic I originally went to did not offer this and unfortunately I was not aware of this option, therefore permanent dentures were installed. I sincerely wish I had been referred to Hayven Denture Clinic initially and had this happened, I know I could have been spared a lot of the problems, money, stress and time spent returning weekly to the other clinic. I am so grateful and thankful to have found Hayven Denture Clinic and Hayes and I plan to have further work done there and I am very happy and confident in recommending them.

Shirley V

⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐ a year ago

I had partial dentures made 3 years ago. The staff at Hayven were wonderful from the initial phone call all the way to the creation of dentures. They were courteous, caring and made you feel at ease and comfortable. The dentures have been wonderful. I have had 2 annual follow ups since then at no charge. I would not go anywhere else.

Eric & Christine David

⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐ 7 months ago

My experience with Hayven Dentures has certainly exceeded my expectations. The staff was warm and friendly and more than happy to answer any questions or concerns that I had. I’m very satisfied with the end result. Thank you Haven Dentures. Eric David

Lisa Cordasco

⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐ 9 months ago

Thanks to the wonderful staff and Denturist’s at Hayden Dentures for helping me in a time of need. I am from Victoria BC and experienced problems with my dentures while on vacation in St. Catharines. The Hayden group was able to quickly fix my problem which allowed me to fully enjoy my time here. Highly recommended for their professionalism, skill and kindness

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