Can Dentures Be Repaired – Find Out How!

Did your denture just break? Chewing on bread or accidentally dropping them on the floor aren't the only reasons we get. Here at Hayven Dentures, we've gotten stories from dogs chewing through the dentures, trucks having accidentally driven over them, to even self-defence where the dentures were used as a weapon at the offender.

Whatever the reason may be, you're not alone to have experienced your dentures breaking on you. What's required is often a simple denture repair and/or reline. Let us help.

What Type of Dentures Do You Have?

Dentures come in different forms: complete dentures, partial dentures, suction dentures, implant dentures, and more. The type you have might impact how easy or how long the repair will be. The same can be said about what material the denture is made of. When dealing with acrylic, most repairs can be done quite quickly and easily. If metal is involved the repair may or may not require an
extra step of sending the metal framework to be repaired at a commercial lab.

What Are the Most Common Denture Repairs?

There are many situations that can transpire resulting in a need for a denture repair. Even high-quality implant dentures can occasionally require a fix if they've not been maintained yearly. Here are some breaks requiring us to repair their dentures.

  • Mid-line fracture: when the denture splits right in the middle of the denture resulting in two pieces. This can be caused by uneven pressure during chewing which flexes the denture in the middle until it breaks.
  • Clean tooth pop-off: when a tooth comes right off the denture base and it's a clean break where no pieces of the tooth remain inside the denture base. This can be caused by improper processing and bonding of the acrylic with the tooth, but other reasons also exist.
  • Chipping or breaking of the tooth: a piece of the tooth remains intact with the denture base. A common reason for this break is from direct impact such as dropping the denture, however it can also be caused by improper clearance of the opposing teeth hitting against it and causing it to chip.

Can I Continue Wearing My Dentures If They Are Broken?

It's understandable that some people will try to wear their broken dentures rather than going in to see their denturist. Money and time aren't always the easiest thing for people to have on hand and can be the reason for putting off the repair.

Chances are, even if the damage is small, it is likely to get worse over time and use. The worse it gets, the more expensive it will be to fix the damage. From these cracks, fractures or breaks, bacteria can invade and get stuck over time to cause even more damage to the dentures.

Always have your denturist look at the damage even if it's just a chip or small crack. The worst that can happen is you may end up with discomfort, sores, or bleeding. Just don't put off getting them repaired!

Can I Try Fixing My Dentures Myself?

As tempting as it may be, trying to fix dentures on your own can cause new problems or potentially cause you harm. Gluing the pieces back together may seem like a great idea but any change of proper placement can lead to bigger problems. The extra layer of glue prevents your denturist from being able to put the broken pieces cleanly back together, similar to putting glue on the side of a puzzle piece and then having to take it off afterwards. This can sometimes mean that the denture repair after it has been glued can only be fixed to the now improper position. Not to mention that super glue and gorilla glue are toxic and should not be used in the mouth to be ingested in the first place.

We have seen cases where the dentures were attempted to be fixed by the wearer. The pieces placed back were not aligned properly and a lot glue spilled on the inside and outside of the denture… that's a lot of chemical leeching into your digestion system and body. We've also seen cases where a simple droplet of glue has made the dentures feel looser than before and prevented the pieces from being placed perfectly back together. Unfortunately, at that point, the only solution might be to get a whole new set of dentures.

β€œI Just Broke My Dentures. What Do I Do?”

If you just broke your dentures you should call your Niagara denture clinic right away. Store the broken pieces in a box or bag so you don't lose them. Tell them on the phone what happened to ensure you're receiving the right attention for denture repairs and relines.

If you cannot be seen by your denturist right away, or you absolutely need your dentures then try to hold the pieces in your mouth with denture adhesive so when you see your denturist it can be wiped off and the pieces of the denture can be put back together.

How Long Does It Take to Get My Dentures Repaired?

The process of repairing dentures is very straightforward. If your dentures were made from a denture clinic in St. Catharines like Hayven Dentures, a fix can be done fast. Even if your dentures were made elsewhere, we can still help. It may take a little longer but the result's the same – fixed and repaired dentures, just like before it happened.

At Hayven, we repair all types of dentures including suction dentures, implant, and partial dentures. Assuming your dentures haven't been completely shattered and that they are repairable, the time it takes to repair them is often between an hour to an hour and a half.

What If My Dentures Are Old And Cannot Be Repaired?

At a certain point, it's expected for dentures to have to be replaced. The material in older dentures get worn down and become irreparable. If you're at this point, hopefully, your dentures are still wearable. Schedule an appointment with one of our Niagara denturists to find out what's available in terms of moving forward.

When replacing old dentures that cannot be repaired, you may choose a different kind of denture. Here are a few advanced denture options you may want to consider in consultation with your denturist.

  • Implant dentures can be used to replace upper and lower teeth, securing a denture in place through implants that have been set into your jaw.
  • Suction dentures, sometimes called suction effective dentures, are held in place by suction. This is a different approach from implant-supported dentures.

Repair your dentures today at the best Niagara denture clinic. We are Hayven Dentures. A denture repair is often simple and quick. Schedule an appointment today. At Hayven, we'd be happy to give an honest assessment of how we would repair your dentures.