A Permanent Solution for Loose Dentures in the Niagara Region

Many Canadians who wear dentures develop an unnatural and unhealthy tolerance to the nuisances from loose dentures. Good solutions for loose dentures are to get SEMCD Suction Dentures or, a more permanent solution: implant-retained dentures or implant-supported dentures.

Why are dentures loose or become loose?

There can be many reasons for loose-fitting dentures. The most common is the shrinkage of the ridge which is the gums and the underlying bone together. The ridge acts like the foundation for a tower or like the legs of a chair and the denture is the tower or the seat itself. Without this ridge, the denture will not have a solid footing to keep it from dislodging easily. Now when you have your teeth pulled out or the teeth has fallen out the gums and the bone close itself and resorbs away naturally.

Placing an implant or proceeding with bone grafting is one of the more permanent ways to drastically slow down this resorption. Otherwise this resorption will occur naturally but uncontrollably and often can leave your ridge in an unwanted size or shape.

The composition of your saliva or the quantity of your saliva can also affect how well your dentures stays in or how loose they will be. Dentures do not magically click onto your gums and stay in. It is through the power of cohesion of your saliva that helps adhere the denture base to your gums. If the impression of your denture was done right, this cohesion can create an air-locked space and suction is the result.

More often than not a big reason for dentures to be loose is the negligence on either the wearer or the dental practitioner to provide proper maintenance, care and reminders. Dentures do need to be relined every certain number of years and new ones should be made after a certain number of relines. Otherwise the fit and bite of the denture will make the dentures feel loose or become loose.

What are implant-retained dentures?

Implant-retained dentures are also known as removable implant dentures. They provide a great solution to loose dentures. They also prove to be a very affordable dental implant treatment. Complete dentures generally rest directly on your gums, as mentioned above. Implant-retained dentures on the other hand rely on the implants to keep the dentures in place and the gums to help stabilize it. Using both the implants and gums allow for these denture treatments to be very affordable as the number of implants required is less.

With today's technology and advances, these removable implant dentures are very preferable as it allows the wearer to take the denture out and self cleaning the denture and the implants. This also allows the wearer to monitor the condition of each implant and make sure everything is healthy

What are implant-supported dentures?

Implant-supported dentures otherwise known as fixed implant dentures or non-removable implant dentures. As compared to implant-retained dentures, fixed implant dentures can not be removed out of the mouth by the wearer and can only be removed by a dental practitioner. This provides a piece of mind to the wearer that they will completely not fall out. It is however much costlier for this treatment option but also a lot harder to maintain and clean.

How do I know if my dentures are loose?

It sounds like a silly question to ask since it might seem obvious to know if your dentures are loose. This is generally true for new denture wearers. This is however untrue for more seasoned denture wearers especially for those who have worn dentures since they were in their teens.

Back in the day, there weren't many products and tools as today in capturing proper impressions and records. There weren't many concepts, techniques and principles as today of what a good fitting and functional denture is. It was quite easy for dental practitioners in the day to tell patients that the denture is β€œmeant to feel this way”. Compound all this with the fact that the wearer has gotten used to wearing loose dentures ie. Not eating their favourite food anymore or holding in their denture with their tongue.

Loose-fitting dentures can present itself differently amongst different individuals. A gradual increase in discomfort, increase in food getting underneath the denture or movement of the denture everything you talk, smile, laugh or chew are signs of loose-fitting dentures. If you also feel the need to use your tongue to keep the dentures in place, then it's also a sign of loose dentures.

Why are implant dentures better than conventional dentures?

There are four big reasons why implant dentures are generally superior to conventional dentures.

  • More confidence. With the dentures secured in the mouth with the help of the implants, there is almost no chance for the denture to ever pop out. You can go out and enjoy yourself and live the life that you want. Live the life not dictated by your dentures. Smile, eat, talk, sing, laugh, and more. Your dentures won't come flying out.
  • Improved oral health. Poorly fitting dentures can cause pain, discomfort, and sometimes infections. Implant dentures generally use higher quality materials and therefore last longer and prevent stains, bacteria and weakening of the materials better.
  • Reduced bone loss. Implants also help maintain your ridge height so that you can keep the definition and shape of your gums, face and smile.
  • Enhanced comfort and bite force. They almost feel like real teeth and allows you to chew through all the foods you want with the same chewing power you had before you lost your teeth.

Did you know well fitted and secured dentures can improve your nutrition?

A lot of us take the ability to chew and eat for granted. When you have loose-fitting dentures, you instantly become mindful of what you can or cannot eat. Because implant dentures help you regain the feeling of your natural teeth you end up eating all the foods you want again - from fruits and vegetables to hearty whole grains, nuts, and more! This can help patients get their daily requirements of nutrients and vitamins.

Studies have also shown that when patients who can relax and not use intrinsic muscles of tongue and cheeks to keep their dentures in, they can actually swallow food better and not have food particles slide down the throat causing silent choking hazards.

Improve the look of your smile with dentures in the Niagara region!

When you receive dentures that aren't shifting around in the mouth, it makes a difference not only in feel and functionality but also in appearance. Losing teeth can affect the look of an individual's smile. By wearing dentures, you help strengthen the jaw bone, prevent shrunken gaps that can occur in a smile that's missing teeth, and avoid a collapsed facial appearance. It's a permanent solution to a problem that unfortunately too many Canadians must deal with.

There's no reason to have to struggle with loose dentures anymore! Hayven Dentures Clinic in the Niagara region. Implant dentures look nice, allow you to eat what you want, and don't move. Improve your confidence and your appearance with a single decision. Speak with a denturist today to find out if you're a candidate for implant dentures.

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