Partial Dentures St Catharines

What are Partial Dentures?

Partial dentures are a removable prosthetic option when some natural teeth remain. This option helps replace missing teeth. The prosthetic fills in the missing gaps. The beauty of it is it can be removed at night for cleaning. There are generally two options which it can be made. When the prosthetic teeth are attached to a pink acrylic base it is known as an acrylic partial denture. When the prosthetic teeth and acrylic are built on a metal framework that is both stronger and more lightweight than an acrylic base, it is known as a cast partial denture.

Indications for Partial Dentures?

A partial denture can replace numerous missing teeth or as little as one tooth. Partial dentures may be used as an alternative to a bridge. When a bridge is made, two sound teeth must be compromised drastically in the process of replacing the missing teeth. Partial dentures on the other hand will not require the surrounding teeth to be morphed drastically. They will help fill in the empty spaces for eating as long as the remaining teeth are strong. The goal is to fill in the spaces so the other teeth do not begin to tip or over erupt.


Partial dentures can also even out your bite so that your chewing ability is more evenly distributed. If your remaining dentition is questionable and extractions of all teeth are necessary, an immediate complete denture may be advised instead. It is your dentist who deems your teeth to be healthy or not.

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How Much Do Partial Dentures Cost in St Catharines, ON

The design of partial dentures and oral health vary from person to person. You do not want to wear someone else’s teeth. Due to these differences, it is highly recommended that you schedule a consultation. Proper treatment plans help save you time and frustrations. Make an appointment at our St Catharines denture clinic now to ask us about the different options you have with partial dentures and how they might suit your specific needs.


What’s In It for Me?

Why should you get a Partial Denture at Hayven Dentures St Catharines? Because you want to eat and you want to smile of course! But why else is it important for you?


Your front teeth do the biting and your back teeth do the chewing. When you are missing teeth, eating puts more stress on your remaining teeth because they have to compensate for the loss of power and surface area. A partial denture will help fill in the gaps between teeth and evenly distribute the forces in the mouth. This relieves the load on your real teeth and reduces the risk of fracture to your real teeth. A partial denture will also hold your remaining teeth in place because natural teeth begin to tip forward when there is an empty space from a missing tooth or teeth. Teeth in the opposite arch of the empty space will also begin to over erupt without an opposing force to stop them.

Reducing Teeth Problems

A partial denture will prevent your remaining teeth from tipping or over erupting and becoming crooked. Keep in mind that partial dentures do not cause damage to your real teeth when cared for properly. The problem some partial denture wearers face is how their own natural teeth have varying colours, making it a challenge for partial dentures to match every tooth in the mouth. With time, patience and your help, a partial denture can be fabricated with as close to perfect configuration and colour as possible to your natural smile. The sooner you get treatment the better it is in reducing problematic situations of over eruption, misalignment of teeth, or overcrowding of teeth.

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