The Hayven Denturist Team

Hayven Dentures is a team of professional denturists in St Catharines ON, where their love and dedication in providing long-lasting and beneficial denture treatments shine through the smiles of everyone they care for.

Our goal is to be there with you at every step of the way from the first meeting to the very end of getting comfortable with the dentures as the care and maintenance play a big part in making the most out of your denture investment and investment in yourself.

The team of St Catharines denturists continually strive to not only learn new techniques, skills, or other advancements to improve their clinical and laboratory craftsmanship but they constantly review and practice the things they have learned previously to provide consistent quality work for all patients.

Know Your Denturists

Hayes Leung, MESc, DD

Your denturist Hayes Leung is one of the owners of Hayven Dentures. He created this clinic to provide a future for his family and a home for his employees and patients.


Hayes believes in the notion that serving the public with quality denture care should be rewarded. With the funds being obtained through his work, he tries to care for the well-being of his aging parents. At the same time he cares for his own family.


He also knows the love and care he receives from his patients is what keeps the clinic alive. By hiring employees and providing a friendly and comfortable working environment is his way of returning his appreciation. He continues to improve his clinical skills so that when patients come in, they are always feeling happy and relaxed. His patients know that the treatments they receive improve their health.


Hayes graduated from University of Toronto with Honors in Bachelors of Arts and Science. His degree specialized in Neurobiology and Integrative Biology. He later obtained a Masters degree in Environmental Science.


He later attended George Brown College and graduated at the top of his class which was later recognized with the “A.J. (Jim) McGuire Memorial award” presented by the Denturist Association of Ontario.


Ever since graduating from school he has continued his studies in pursuit of improving his clinical and technical skills of constructing dentures to improve the quality of life for the wearer. Through his dedication to all who he treats and cares for, he searched high and low for solutions to the common denture problems that arise.


Hayes went to obtain his SEMCD Suction Denture (Suction Effective Mandibular Complete Denture) Certification in June 2017. Through his own investigation and motivation to improve the lives of all he treats he went to Duncan, BC for this certification. He later obtained his CQR Denture Instructor certification in Houston, TX, October 2017.


Hayes is also BPS (Biofunctional Prosthetic System) certified which he obtained in November 2017. To further solidify his denture skills he went to Fukuyama, Japan in October 2018 to learn about and obtain the certification for the OM Denture System (Occlusal Map).


Hayes is officially the first denturist in Ontario to obtain the certifications to practice SEMCD, CQR, and OM Denture techniques. These three techniques helped him provide dentures that stay in the mouth a lot better whilst allowing the wearer to have a biofunctional bite.


Hayes currently continues to learn and practice implant denture treatments and techniques.

How He Became a Denturist

Hayes has a strong affinity to the world of dentistry ever since he was at the age of 8. He had frequent visits not only for dental hygiene but due to his love for eating and being an avid candy muncher, he had many occurrences of cavities. He has been submerged into the dental environment, allowing him to see the beauty and enjoyment in helping others smile and eat again.


After obtaining his undergraduate degree of Honors Bachelor of Science in Neuroscience and Integrative Biology (Specialist), he continued his studies with a graduate degree of Environmental Science. It was through working as an Environmental Consultant that he met a colleague who was friends with a denturist, Linda Veal, DD. After interviewing and talking with Linda, Hayes had a broader view and perspective of the dental world. While facing hardships at the time, he looked back on life to see where he would truly be happy and Denturism was the answer.

Giving Back to the Community

Hayes currently helps teach new and upcoming denturists at George Brown College. He began teaching in September of 2017 where many students still talk and look up to him. As he always does, he gives his best in educating and pushing the students to provide their best in quality dentures.


He takes time off to go to Nursing Homes and Senior Resident Homes to educate and help those in need. He began providing educational lectures and seminars since June 2016 and has helped many with their denture needs.

As a founder of Hayven Dentures, he has developed the practice to have an ideology of, “providing high quality dentures to improve or maintain the quality of life for the wearer” and to “stay on top of new techniques and concepts to provide a suitable treatment options that are customized to the denture wearers.”


Christine Twardawsky, CDA Level II

Christine started her dental career immediately after graduating high school by attending Niagara College in Welland. She was inspired to choose a career in the dental field by her sister, who, at that time was working in a dental office.

After graduating from Niagara College, she was employed as a Level I dental assistant for several years until she left for a short time while raising children. Christine returned to working in a dental office and upgraded her skills to a Level II dental assistant by returning to college where she earned the top mark in her class on the final exam. Christine is a member of the Ontario Dental Assistants Association and has continued to work and gain experience as both a dental assistant and receptionist while participating regularly in continuing education in the dental field.

In her spare time, Christine participates in line dancing classes, loves to try cooking something new, and spends time with her chocolate lab, Sadie.

At Hayven Dentures, Christine looks forward to welcoming you at the front desk and working alongside her very skilled and knowledgeable denturist team who are dedicated to advancing their techniques in creating customized dentures just for you.

Anastasiya Sivkova, HBSc, DD

Anastasiya, or Ana for short, has been active in the dental profession since she was 16. Starting out as a Dental Assistant and working part-time and studying Biology at York University and the University of Toronto, she then pursued her career in Denturism.
During her time at George Brown, she worked as a Teaching Assistant, leading tutorials, Research Assistant, studying effects of recycled acrylic in denture fabrication, as well as a Volunteer at Prosthodontic Associates, helping develop a prefabricated thermoelastic denture method that is currently used for edentulous cases on PA’s yearly missions to Uganda. She graduated with Honours and is featured on the Dean’s List. Later, working as a Dental Technician and a Denturist at Prosthodontic Associates under the guidance of Dr. Izchak Barzilay she honed her laboratory and clinical skills of Implant restoration in an environment of constant challenge and expectation of excellence.
She is a co-founder of Phoenix Smiles, a service that provides dentures to women in domestic situations. She frequently lectured at North American conferences with Dentsply-Sirona presenting their monomer-free denture base resin. Anastasiya has recently returned from a mission in Uganda where she was a member of a multi-specialty team providing denture services to the local communities. Today she is proud to join Hayven Dentures as a resident Denturist.

Vivan Nguyen, HBSc, DD

Vivan is also a founder of Hayven Dentures and the name “Hayven” really comes from the two founders (Hayes and Vivan). Through a lot of time thinking about the ideology, and practice of the clinic, the name perfectly represents this. From the actual word, haven which means a place for safety, shelter, oasis, or retreat, Hayven Dentures upholds this by providing a clinic that helps patients feel safe, confident and proud that their oral health and smile with dentures are being taken care of.