What to Look for in a Denture Clinic in the Niagara Region ?

When searching for a denture clinic in the Niagara Region, the task can seem very difficult. Questions such as how to look for one, where to go and which to choose probably go through your head. It's easy to say that the nearest denture clinic is the most convenient one to go to or even a clinic that is recommended by someone you know. Sometimes picking a denture clinic that advertises inexpensive dentures is what you are looking for. Other times you base your decision on finding a denture clinic that provides high quality and progressive denture services such as the clinic, Hayven Dentures, serving St. Catharines and surrounding areas.

What to look for in a denture clinic in the Niagara region generally comes down to a few specific things. Here's what we suggest considering before making a definite decision on which denture clinic and denturist to choose.

What's their philosophy?

A high quality, professional denture clinic in the Niagara region should be prepared to find out your needs, wants and the problems you face currently. If they are unable to provide the services you ask for, then they can refer you to another clinic that might be able to. At the end of the day, they should be able to know if you are the right patient for the clinic and if you are not, then they need to extend their help by means of other sources.

In simple terms, the philosophy of patient satisfaction should come first and not the satisfaction of the clinic's pocket. For example, if a patient unconcerned about value and can only afford a certain amount then the clinic should not push the patient to go for the most expensive option. This should be generally felt from the moment you walk in, from the front desk to your consult with the denturist. Every patient has different needs and expectations. From the perspective of the denturist, they should be able to understand the patient while recommending the most appropriate products and/or services.

Is your denturist experienced or knowledgeable?

Even if someone has the best of intentions with the services they offer, if they're not skilled, experienced, or knowledgeable, it's not going to count for much. Has the denturist kept up-to-date with the latest technology? Are they willing to extend their knowledge beyond their immediate comfort zone to provide you with the best options available? Have they gotten continuing education after graduating school to enhance and learn new skills? You not only want a denture clinic with the technical experience but also one that is willing to embrace new challenges and have the arsenal to deliver the best solutions for your dentures.

Is the denture clinic concerned with protecting patient health?

Patient health should also be a top priority for any denturist in St. Catharines. An experienced denturist is trained in infection control and asepsis, certified in CPR, and will be vaccinated against Hepatitis-B. A denture clinic will also have the necessary steps in place to maintain best practices in cleaning, disinfecting, and sterilizing reusable medical equipment, devices, and more. No patient wants to leave a denturist clinic with an infection. This is why patient protection is key.

Does the denture clinic appear professional?

You want to be able to trust the people that are going to be working with your dentures. How does the office look? Will your personal information and medical records remain private and confidential? Are you being treated and spoken to in a professional, appropriate manner? Denture clinics, similar to doctor offices and other dental offices, should be upheld to high standards of professionalism. If you get a sense someone's behaviour isn't professional or that the denture clinic doesn't appear clean, there's reason to be concerned.

Is the staff friendly?

There is a lot to be said about customer service. It can make all the world of difference in a denture clinic or healthcare setting where there may be some nervousness. Your denture experience should be as pleasant and comfortable as possible. This is what we believe at Hayven Dentures in the Niagara region. That's why we ensure every patient is being treated fairly, kindly, and that our staff are showing nothing short of kindness.

Try a complimentary denture consultation!

If you're pretty well decided on using a specific dentures clinic, a lot of them offer free complimentary consultations. We do at Hayven Dentures as we believe in free consultations so that you get all the information you can get before deciding. We like to picture ourselves in your shoes.

All you need is to book an appointment to speak directly with a denturist and to get a sense of what the denture process would be like at our clinic. In a consultation, we'd be happy to answer any questions and to outline what sort of denture options may be available to you.

Look to online reviews and customer testimonials

Another great resource to use when searching for a dentures clinic in the Niagara region are online reviews. Check Facebook and Google Reviews as a start. Some denturists may have reviews and testimonials available on their own website. These reviews speak volumes about what to realistically expect from a visit. These aren't paid testimonials nor are they written by the clinic themselves. This means you're getting an honest assessment of things like quality of product, quality of treatment, customer service, and more.

What's your goal for dentures?

Hayven Dentures works hard to meet and exceed the needs and expectations of each and every patient. Offering quality products and services, our denturists provide a no-pressure environment where patients can come to find out what their options are on dentures, to receive quality denture care and more. A smile with confidence – that's what we want to see! We're enthusiastic about what we do because we've seen the difference dentures can make in the lives of our patients. Are you ready for your free no-obligation consultation? Contact us today and book yours.

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