What To Do When The Holidays Affect Your Dentures

Holidays are a time for fun, relaxation, and family time. This usually involves gatherings with big feasts or special treats. You shouldn't need to worry about your dentures but that isn't always the case. Being ashamed to take your dentures out in front of everyone or showing signs of pain from the dentures can cause you to sweat with worries. You could also feel humiliated when your dentures slide down when you're eating or smiling or even fly out from laughing so hard. The worst is if your dentures chip, fracture, or break while eating that juicy protein. Whatever the case may be, what the heck do you do especially if your denturist is on holidays!?

1. Own It

Sometimes you really just have to look past what others may think of you. You are in control of your emotions and if others think less of you because you have dentures then it says volume about them more than about you. When did we become so disrespectful that we don't notice the bigger picture? If you need to take the dentures out of your mouth then there is definitely a good reason you had to. Others shouldn't judge you because you're experiencing difficulty, discomfort or pain with your dentures. In fact, they should be quick to offer help! Be proud of yourself no matter the situation you have with your dentures but be even more proud that you took the time and consideration of your own well being and health... and invested in your dentures. Go strut that smile of yours!

2. Temporary Repair

There is no control of when your dentures may break especially during the holidays. The extra use and abuse we have on them is comparable to the stress we put on our digestive systems around the holidays as well. Have you noticed you experience more heart burns or a bloated stomach after such big feasts? You may experience some of these common possibilities: a tooth popping or breaking off, the denture fracturing in the middle or a combination of the first two. So, is the best solution getting super glue or gorilla glue to do a "DIY" (do it yourself) repair? The answer is an obvious no. These glues are very harmful to your body especially if it's entered through the mouth.

The best solution is to hold the pieces for safe keeping and bring it back to your denturist to repair. If your denturist is not available then use a spare or old set temporarily. You can also go to any superstore or pharmacy with denture repair kits. It is however, best not to use these repair kits. Most of the time, a "DIY" repair will make the proper repair much more difficult. You might end up with a crooked tooth, misaligned fracture repair, or even discoloration of your dentures. These repair kits are suggested instead of using such toxic glue and for when you absolutely need to wear your dentures again.

3. Temporary Reline

This topic is very similar to the above topic, Temporary Repair. You might be eating some dessert and you realize the food or liquids are getting underneath your dentures. Other times you might also notice the dentures are rocking and causing you general soreness or tenderness. These problematic situations tend to be related to loose dentures requiring a reline.

It is best to go back to your denturist to help reline the dentures. Your denturist will see things you may not see to successfully maintain the chewing ability and bite of your dentures. If you must get a "DIY" reline kit, you can find them at any superstores or pharmacies. Pay very close attention that the dentures are matching each other when doing a "DIY" reline. Also keep in mind that "DIY" relines are not made to last forever as the quality of the material used are of different grade. Another option instead of getting a reline kit is to get denture adhesives to help hold the dentures in place better. Denture adhesives tend to cause digestive problems when used excessively.

4. Rinses

Getting sore spots, ulcers or a general discomfort feeling can really put a damper on your holiday fun. You might be on a cruise and enjoying the weather, the festivities and the people but the only thing holding you back to fully enjoying your freedom are your teeth or the meals. If you do get sore spots or ulcers, it is best to rinse with salt water or a solution of water and baking soda. If superstores or pharmacies are nearby, you can get some rinses that help soothe and heal the gums. Your denturist will also be able to help determine the cause of these sore spots and help relieve this problem

5. Proper Cleaning

Similar to brushing your own natural teeth, your dentures do need tender love and care. Your dentures are in the same exact environment as your natural teeth and therefore it can build up with plaque, calcium deposits and get stained. All three build ups can lead to a bank of bacteria and virus. Always brush your dentures with hand soap or dish soap. Avoid using tooth paste on your dentures as it will create micro-scratches leading to the thinning and wearing away of the dentures. Many times dentures that have been brushed with toothpaste appear to have aged a lot faster than ones that use hand soap or dish soap. Remember to bring with you denture cleaning solutions to help battle staining issues and bacteria build-up issues.

6. Call and Book

When problems up with your dentures you should act fast and to have a look. Similar to when you feel your natural teeth hurting or feeling very discomforting you should visit your dentist right away. Many times when problems go on for too long and not taken care of, it will actually cause even worse problems in the future.

Have Fun and Don't Sweat It

The take away is to enjoy your holiday! Your dentures should not be the thing controlling your fun and enjoyment but it should be an important subject in your life that you should take care of. Always shoot for the best as best will be better than what you have now and don't stop until your better becomes your best. Remember that proper care and maintenance will pay off in the long run. Both your dentures and your overall physical and mental health will thank you.

Happy Holidays!