What Dentures Look the Most Realistic?

Dentures may be called "false teeth," but that doesn't mean they have to look artificial. They can appear realistic, and no one needs to know they're replacements.

With comfortable and efficient options, you don't have to worry about your smile weighing you down. At Hayven Dentures in St. Catharines and Niagara Falls, ON, we work with you to create dentures that look like your real teeth.

Looking for the Most Realistic Dentures?

Modern dental technology gives you access to various exceptional denture choices. They fit well, stimulate your gums and jawbone, and support your facial structure.

Several factors need to be considered to achieve this. Our dental team collaborates with you every step of the way to make your experience as easy as possible.

Here are elements we consider to create the most realistic-looking dentures:

  1. The Form and Texture of Natural Teeth

    The denture-making process must allow for customization. If the shape of the teeth is set in advance or is pre-installed, they are less likely to look natural.

    Complete customization allows you to select the most natural-looking shade and shape of teeth. You can even mix and match to make your new teeth look even better. Another factor to look into is the texture and placement of the teeth.

    Depending on the material used, the artificial tooth can look less appealing when exposed to natural light. Adding texture to the surface can make it more real. You can also work with your denturist to add variations to the tooth placement, such as tiny gaps or rotation.

  2. Your Facial Structure

    It's important to consider how your natural teeth look to produce a replacement that resembles them. Keep in mind the rest of your facial features when choosing options with your dentist. Your dentures should be proportionate to your mouth and face.

    Your denturist will be able to identify the best-looking options after a comprehensive evaluation of your smile and oral health. Try-in sessions are also included in the process, so you can test your new denture and see if it fits and looks right for you. Adjustments can be made as needed.

    At Hayven Dentures, we offer various denture types to ensure you go home with a confident smile. Suction dentures, for example, eliminate the use of messy adhesives and follow a meticulous impression-taking process.

    Even the mouth and jaw movements are captured to ensure the wearer's comfort. Learn more about it here.

  3. Gum Tissue Aesthetics

    The gums on the dentures should match the appearance of the natural gums. A noticeable difference in their color can make your dentures look inauthentic.

    You can make your new appliance look as flawless as possible by working with your dental team to find a denture base color that best suits your natural gum. Aside from the shade of the gums, the texture or curvature of the dental base is also a key consideration.

    The base must be shaped accurately for a seamless transition. A highly skilled denturist or dental technician can make this possible. The results should make identifying where the natural gums end and the dentures begin difficult.

    Check out our quality and smile gallery for inspiration.

Finding a Reliable Denture Clinic in Hayven Dentures in St. Catharines and Niagara Falls, ON

A quick online search for the best denture clinic isn’t enough to identify which denturist is dedicated in designing personalized tooth replacement options.

Find a dental specialist that allows you to customize your denture for a lifelike appearance and with whom you feel comfortable working. The denture process can take several months, so choose a dental team that strives to make each visit as pleasant as possible.

At Hayven Dentures, we’re happy to show you potential options for a natural, brand-new smile. With our diverse range of denture solutions, highly skilled team, and upgraded in-house dental lab, you'll find dentures that look and feel good.

Call us today to schedule your complimentary initial consultation. Let's help you decide which denture type you'll love wearing.