SEMCD Suction Dentures Pros and Cons

As we age, some of us will lose teeth. There are a multitude of reasons why this can happen including injury, genetics or poor oral hygiene. Regardless of how one comes to it, missing teeth is never ideal because of how important they are for eating and digesting, as well as the huge impact in has on your appearance and confidence. The answer for some patients are suction dentures which work – contrary to adhesives or implants – through stability and denture retentiveness to your unique gum profile. Here is a quick list of pros and cons of suction dentures in St. Catharines to consider.

Pro – Less expensive

Suction dentures are oftentimes significantly less expensive than fixed implant dentures, which are permanently affixed to the gums. For a similar performance you'd receive from fixed implant dentures, you can get the same look and feel from suction dentures which are removable.

Pro – They're removable

Suction dentures are removable which can add a sense of comfort and relaxation, allowing you to take them out or put them back in at your leisure. You can easily clean your suction dentures to keep them as hygienic, healthy and bright as your first got them.

Pro – Suction dentures fit in comfortably

A major complaint with some dentures are they do not stay in or they are uncomfortable. Lower suction dentures help prevent the dentures from floating and lifting from your gums as compared to conventional dentures. That's because they're crafted using a detailed impression that is obtained by the movements of your facial muscles, allowing us to capture the biological shapes of your gums. This creates a natural negative pressure between the denture and your gums creating the natural suction.

Pro – They restore your smile to its natural appearance

Most of the time, what happens when you lose any teeth or are experiencing an oral health issue is that you stop genuinely smiling. Your smiles become close lipped or you use a hand to cover your mouth when you speak to hide the fact that you have missing teeth. Through suction dentures, not only do they fit right but they also restore your natural-looking appearance. This includes your teeth as well as the profile of your face and provide you the confidence physically and psychologically to show off your smile.

Pro – Functionality

When you use suction dentures, you can resume your normal speaking and eating habits without reservation. We like to focus a lot on how dentures impact your smile, and while that's incredibly important and impactful, they also add a level of functionality to your lifestyle.

Pro – An improvement on past designs

A common complaint about suction cup dentures are that the suction cup in the middle of an upper denture to hold it in place can create excessive growth in this area or perforations in the palate. When multiple tiny suctions cups are used, they easily collect bacteria and collectively pull at the sensitive gum tissue in your mouth. This was once common but the suction dentures we use today are much different.

Pro – Suction dentures have no bad taste

Unlike adhesives which can spill over the borders of the denture or have a very bad taste after extended use, suction dentures don't follow the same pattern. Adhesives is also known to negatively impact the digestive system.

Pro – There's a high success rate

Roughly 80 percent of patients are candidates for suction dentures. Those who are unable to acquire suction can still benefit largely from the bio-functionality of the denture. Suction dentures are designed to improve stability and allow your muscles to work in harmony with your teeth.

Con – The adjustment period

Any time suction dentures or any type of new denture is fitted, there is a temporary adjustment period wherein you get accustomed to wearing them. In this time, they may find they have trouble saying certain words or have difficulty chewing. This isn't uncommon and is only temporary.

Con – The cost

Dentures can be expensive, depending on your financial standing. Because suction dentures take more care in getting an accurate bio-functional impression of your gums and using high quality materials and teeth for the most ideal denture, they run higher than your normal conventional denture.

Con – Not every dental practitioner can provide this treatment

Dr. Jiro Abe, a prosthodontist from Japan, created a revolutionary new technique to achieve a seal around the borders and provide more support for the denture. It is a relatively new technique that is slowly being spread throughout the community, however not everyone can offer it. Look for the Certified Clinician Logo for SEMCD Suction Dentures – these clinicians have officially taken a thorough hands-on suction course with a certified SEMCD instructor.

Con – Periodic replacement

The mouth changes in shape over time and as these transformations happen, replacement dentures are sometimes needed for proper fit. This would be the case with suction dentures as well as any kind of dentures. Although it can be burdensome to do, replacement of suction dentures is still less expensive than implant dentures.

Are you looking to find out more about if suction dentures in St. Catharines are right for you? Schedule a consultation with one of our skilled denturists. They would be happy to address any concerns or questions and to provide some insight into how the process would work for your unique situation. Weighing the pros and cons of suction dentures, there's no doubt that there's far more advantages than disadvantages. For Canadians in the Niagara region in need, suction dentures might be the answer you're looking for.

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