How Your Oral Health Can Impact Your Overall Health

Your oral health and general health are very much connected, although most people do not realize the impact one has over the other. Their connection may not seem obvious but the reality is that it is incredibly important to take care of your dentures because, in addition to maintaining a beautiful smile, it can also help improve the health of your whole body.

Neglecting your dentures can lead to serious overall health problems, but a proper denture hygiene routine can prevent this from happening. You must remember that your mouth creates bacteria, which is normal, but excessive amounts of it can be harmful. Soaking and brushing your dentures daily can help control this aspect but when you neglect your oral care, this is when health problems may start to occur. A poor oral hygiene routine may cause the bacteria in your mouth to accumulate and when they combine with sugars from food, they can create acids, which will likely attack your dentures and cause gum disease. Additionally, they can also lead to infections that may spread to other parts of your body as well.

The following are just some of the health problems that poor oral health can lead to:

Heart disease

This includes heart attacks and strokes, which can occur with the build-up of plaque on your dentures. This is because the bacteria in oral plaque can play a role in blocked arteries and when it gets into your bloodstream, it can become lodged in an artery in your heart. This can lead to a heart attack or a stroke, so make sure you soak and brush your dentures daily to prevent the build-up of plaque.


Poor oral health can lead to gum disease, which can make life even more difficult for those who have diabetes. Periodontitis is a very serious dental problem that causes the gums to become inflamed. This can make it difficult for the body to absorb insulin medication to lower blood sugar levels and will likely result in more infections and inflammation, so people with diabetes must maintain their oral health to prevent additional complications.


If your mouth contains an unhealthy amount of bad bacteria, these germs can find their way into your lungs and cause pneumonia or other respiratory problems. This is a serious illness that can be life-threatening, so you need to ensure that your mouth is healthy.

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