How Denturists Fix Your Broken Dentures And Save You Time and Money

Broken dentures can affect the way you eat and speak. If you've broken your dentures… get a denture clinic to fix it as soon as possible as it will save you time and money in the long run. Hayven Dentures is one such clinic to help you with your broken denture needs.

Can broken dentures be repaired?

In most cases, broken dentures can be repaired or added onto. The type of break will dictate the amount of work required to complete the repair. The more detailed work and time can lead to a higher repair cost. That said, it is crucial to figure out the reason why the dentures broke in the first place.

When you go to a denture clinic the fix is usually completed in the same office and on the same day. This eliminates the usual practice at many dental offices where the repair is sent to an outside lab. When are dentures not repairable or cannot be added onto?

The causes of dentures breaking can vary from β€œmy dog chewed on it”, to β€œI sneezed it out of my mouth and it flew across the room to be crushed by my friend on a wheelchair.” Whatever the reason… if the broken pieces can be placed back together, the denture can generally be fixed. This is where some people will repair it with superglue and cause the dentures to function worse than before it broke. As long as the pieces can be lined up back together and nothing is done to try and fix it at home then there is a very high chance for the dentures to be repaired.

Why did my dentures break in the first place?

Aside from the obvious reasons of there being physical trauma to the denture such as dropping it on the floor there are many other reasons why a denture might break.

Dentures can chip or fracture from improper bite alignment, unstable bite forces, or from wear and tear which causes instability to the seating of the denture. The instability can be caused by the natural process of progressive bone loss or resorption. If your dentures don't fit properly, it's going to put uneven stress on them and cause a teeter-totter effect causing it to flex and break.

Also, imagine the life of a denture in the mouth… just think of everything we put our dentures through: chewing hard foods, temperature variations of cold and hot, acidic beverages such as sodas, and even the bacteria in the mouth can wear down the denture.

How do denturists fix broken dentures?

Depending on how your dentures broke, the broken pieces can generally be placed back together seamlessly which helps create a model to be fabricated to act as the base for the denture to be repaired on.

Often times, the broken area of the denture will be trimmed away so that new stronger material can be placed in to fill in the gap. The same is true when replacing a chipped tooth or a lost tooth. The area around that tooth that needs to be repaired will have to be trimmed back to allow for stronger repair material to help hold the new tooth.

If they're severely broken, a mold of your mouth will need to be taken for a new set of dentures. Though time-consuming, the result is often worth it. If you have worries about it taking too much time or if you have concerns about cost, certainly let us know. As denturists in the Niagara Region, we're focused on providing the best care possible to our patients.

Can I repair broken dentures myself at home?

It is strongly advised that you do not repair your own denture at home. Most of the time when people repair their own denture, they often place the pieces back together improperly and they use toxic materials such as super glue or gorilla glue to hold the pieces together.

There are denture repair kits available at stores and online however you'll be playing with chemicals and materials weaker than professional materials. The fumes these materials can be quite harmful causing headaches to most people. Also, if the repair is complete and done improperly it can be very hard for the dental professional to repair β€œthe repair AND the broken denture.”

If you do end up using super glue, gorilla glue or some DIY kit, it is strongly advised you keep in mind that these repairs are very temporary and should be looked after by your dental professional as soon as possible.

How much does it cost to repair a broken denture?

The cost to repair a denture can vary quite a bit. You can ball park the range to be anywhere from $100 to $600 depending on the complexity and the additional work required. Most simple repairs coming from outside clinics to Hayven Dentures Clinic are around the $100 mark.

When it comes to replacing a broken denture, it is hard to provide a specific range as it can vary drastically depending on your needs. It is strongly advised that you go get a consultation with your denturist.

Should I be expecting my dentures to break in the first place?

Dentures generally have an expiration date of five to seven years. If you maintain your dentures regularly, go to the annual check ups on time, and take care of your oral health, there's a good chance you will maximize the time you have your dentures for. In other words, you should not be expecting your dentures to break but you should expect the dentures to go through wear and tear.

Lots of denture wearers neglect the expiration date of dentures and continue to wear dentures for more than 15 years. What ends up happening most of the time are the harmful symptoms which may not be noticed by the wearer.

The teeth can wear down bringing your lower jaw closer to your nose causing stress on your temporal-mandibular joints (TMJs). The acrylic which is makes up the base of the denture collects a lot of bacteria and stains over time and the acrylic will become weaker. This increases the chances of infections caused by the denture. Lastly it can cause redness on the gums increasing chances of oral cancer or uneven pressure on the gums and making the bones to resorb a lot faster than desired.

What do I do in an emergency with broken dentures?

There are some real horror stories of dentures breaking before a big work presentation, a first date, or a special social occasion. If this happens to you, we're here to help. We can take a look at the break and advise you on whether a fix or replacement is best. Hayven Dentures Clinic in the Niagara region today.

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