5 Things to Know about Suction Dentures in St. Catharines

1 – When suction dentures are used

For a lot of dental practitioners in St. Catharines and Ontario, the best dental treatment they can provide usually involves implants. These however aren't always optimal for all patients. For instance, if you don't not have enough bone structure to support an implant or finances is an issue, the best option is no longer available to you.

Enter in suction dentures that do not require large bone structure or implants of any kind to hold them in place. These dentures work through creating a natural seal thus creating suction. This allows you to chew food and speak without conventional denture issues. All you need to do to activate the suction mechanism while wearing your suction denture is to bite down and swallow. This creates the negative pressure that allows the denture to seal and adapt to the gums naturally. After the dentures are secured in place through a peripheral seal, you can carry on with your day without having to worry about anything coming loose.

2 – Complete uniqueness to you.

If you've struggled with loose or painful dentures, where food gets trapped, or where they're just plain uncomfortable, suction dentures may be something to consider. That's because suction dentures – also sometimes referred to as suction effective mandibular complete dentures – are unique to your mouth and no other.

In the past, lower dentures were made through a preliminary alginate impression that pushed against your gums and based on that mold, the borders of your denture were guesstimated (an estimate based on a mixture of guesswork and calculation). Suction dentures are created far more precisely with your natural muscle movements determining the extensions. No two mouths are the same, so no two suction dentures are either. They are custom-fitted to your needs, which is why they have the highest level of retention and stability among non-implant denture types.

3 – How suction dentures are created

Every person's oral cavity is different. That is why, when providing suction dentures in St. Catharines, we go through a thorough process to capture every detail of your oral cavity.

The first step is by taking impressions using slow, high-definition material. This captures that anatomy of the muscles of the cheek and tongue. From there, your tooth positioning is placed in the most bio-functional position and a lower distortion acrylic injection machine is used to achieve superior fit. The molds are placed on an adjustable articulator that simulates jaw movements to test the design for quality. Lastly, we use very specific contouring and shaping to ensure that there is natural harmony between the denture and muscle movements related to chewing or speaking.

4 – The functionality is amazing!

After experiencing lower suction dentures, you will begin to realize that your jaw will stabilize when compared to not having them. When moving your lips, cheeks, tongue, or teeth, the suction dentures will remain in place better than conventional ones. You can eat better, swallow without having to worry about your dentures coming unglued or causing trouble, laugh, smile, kiss, speak, sing, or play instruments with ease and confidence.

For anyone who has worn dentures previously, you know it's often not the upper denture that causes the most hassle. It's the lower denture that provokes the most frustration and causes sore spots. Suction lower dentures provide the ultimate freedom in terms of functionality. As absolutely lucky a person is to get their smile back, for some, it's even more emotional being able to do all the things they want with their new teeth.

5 – An exam is required

About 80 percent of patients who have a complete lower denture are candidates for lower suction dentures. An exam needs to be performed to see if lower suction dentures are right for you. Even those who are unable to acquire suction can still benefit largely from the bio-functionality of the denture. Suction dentures improve stability and provide a better fit wherein food is less likely to get caught underneath the denture. Lower suction dentures in St. Catharines are more biocompatible than conventional dentures and require no implants or gum-damaging suction cups or valve. They're well worth a consideration for most who desire dentures.

What are you waiting for?

Solve your denture problems with suction dentures in St. Catharines. Speak with a denturist to learn how suction effective lower dentures can help you restore your smile and functionality to everyday living. Even with patients who have advanced bone loss in the lower jaw, suction dentures can provide you the confidence in a high quality design that remains in place.

This is new technology, first developed in 1999 by Japan's Dr. Abe and having only officially arrived in Ontario, Canada in 2017. Do what so many other Canadians have done and begin to live a fulfilling lifestyle without worrying about what your mouth looks like. For suction dentures in St. Catharines, you're in good hands with the experts at our denturist clinic.

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