4 Options to Consider If You've Been Told By A Denture Clinic That You Need Dentures

So you've been told by a denturist that you need dentures. That's tough to hear, hopefully not unexpected though.

If you have one or more missing teeth – like a majority of Canadians – eventually you reach a point where dentures make sense.

Why dentures are recommended to replace missing teeth is because of what could be happening to your jawbone. The jawbone relies on stimulation from teeth. When there's less stimulation, the bone starts to resorb.

Bone loss in the jaw worsens over time. In some cases, a face can start to have a slightly sunken appearance. Though this isn't the case for everyone, the risk with missing teeth is that this will transpire gradually over the course of years. It's key to know the risks one takes when the jawbone's not getting the stimulation it once did.

If you're unsure about dentures, let's take an honest look at all the available options to you.

Option 1 – Standard Dentures

The first option is traditional dentures. They're cheap in cost, a major reason why some people choose them.

Standard dentures are sort of antiquated in the sense that we have much more precise ways to replace missing teeth now than we did many, many decades ago. That said, if cost is a main concern, you may find yourself opting in on standard dentures.

This type of denture is prone to wear-and-tear and is likely to become less comfortable over time. Repairs, relines, and replacements are common with traditional dentures. Sometimes these dentures can only stay in with the help of denture adhesives which many people find irritating, slimy and annoying.

Option 2 – Implant-Supported Overdenture

An implant-supported overdenture is for people who have lost more or less all of their teeth. This type of denture is held by a dental implant, making them more stable and sturdy and can only be removed by a dental professional as they're figuratively speaking, “screwed” into the implant

An implant-supported overdenture better stimulates the jawbone which reduces bone loss. An advancement over standard dentures, implant overdentures are preferred by most denture clinics as they last and are quality-built.

In terms of performance, implant-supported dentures get a high rating and are worth consideration.

Option 3 – Dental Crown or Bridges

Dental bridges are another option. They are one or more false teeth secured in place through abutments. A bridge is set adjoining to the remaining teeth in the mouth. The result is a natural-looking smile. The empty spaces in one's smile – once there from missing teeth – are now filled in.

Unlike dentures, bridges are not removable. This means they take special cleaning to prevent issues such as gum disease. This is one of the disadvantages of a bridge as it takes a lot of maintenance.

Though very effective in appearance, bridges rely on the teeth beside them to work. This can compromise the strength and integrity of these teeth. They also may not be as natural-feeling compared to implant dentures.

Option 4 – Do Nothing

Of course, no one's going to force you to get dentures. All your teeth could be missing and you still don't have to say ‘yes' to dentures. There are a lot of risks to doing nothing though.

First off, your comfort levels are not going to be great. You could have trouble or pain eating or speaking.

Secondly, your confidence levels and self-esteem can be impacted by missing teeth. It's not considered attractive, to most people, and is seen as a drawback in a lot of professional circles.

Thirdly, your mouth is likely going to change much more rapidly over time. The remaining teeth may begin moving outwards, creating gaps where you didn't previously have gaps. You may see the jawbone begin to take a new shape. We already described the sunken look some people have from missing teeth. That all comes from doing nothing and letting missing teeth fester for decades in some cases.

It doesn't hurt to get an opinion. Whether you're looking for denture alternatives, implant-supported dentures, dental bridges, or conventional dentures, get a consultation done. At Hayven Dentures, we can help. Speak with a denture expert today and get an assessment. They're happy to outline what options may be available to you with no obligation. Don't compromise yourself by not knowing all options for what can be done to address missing teeth. Visit us today.

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