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Hayven Dentures is proud to be the first denture clinic in St. Catharines, Niagara Region, Ontario, Canada to provide SEMCD Suction Dentures. SEMCD is an acronym that stands for Suction Effective Mandibular Complete Denture which in layman terms mean suction for lower dentures. This technique is used to help prevent loose dentures and the constant need for denture adhesive. The prognosis of this treatment however is largely dependent on pairing with a matching and functional upper denture!

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Origin of Suction Dentures

SEMCD Suction Dentures was first developed by Dr. Jiro Abe, a dentist from Japan. He spent countless hours on perfecting his impression taking technique whilst studying the results of the denture on the patient’s oral and overall health. Many elite and caring worldwide dental professionals are learning SEMCD Suction Denture technique because it is the next big alternative treatment to implant dentures.


Great Alternative to or Addition with Implant Dentures

SEMCD Suction Dentures is a great choice for anyone who needs lower complete dentures in Ontario. They are the new replacements for anyone who has loose (conventional) complete dentures. You will find a lot less denture adhesives is required, if not none, to keep the dentures from feeling loose. SEMCD Suction Dentures is also an alternative, to the need for dental implants but can also work extremely well with dental implants.

Indications for SEMCD Suction Dentures

Since SEMCD Suction Dentures is a form of complete dentures (especially for the lower), there must not be any natural teeth present. The possibility of having all your natural teeth extracted depends on the diagnosis provided by your dental professional such as a dentist. If you still have some teeth remaining, you should read up on immediate dentures for some more information.

If you experience loose fitting dentures, a constant need for denture adhesive, or planning to get new dentures that are not loose or require fixing, then SEMCD Suction Dentures is right for you.

Suction Dentures VS Conventional Dentures

So how is SEMCD Suction Dentures different from (conventional) complete dentures?



One word to best describe the difference is naturalism. Prior to SEMCD Suction Dentures, complete dentures are made through the manipulation of the cheeks and lips by the clinician to obtain the impression. The shape of the denture base and its borders are dependent on the clinician. As a result, the denture base is flat and smooth. Because of the artificial capture, the denture sits and compresses the tissues in the mouth which could later cause many reoccurring sore spots.


Patient Guided…

With SEMCD Suction Dentures, the impression is taken with patient’s help. The patient goes through a series of motions and movements to define the borders and shape of the denture base. This type of denture base represents the inside of your mouth more realistically. It is a truer representation of your gums and jaws. The denture base does not compress and distort the tissues in the mouth abnormally reducing the number of sore spots developing.

Suction-Dentures-in-St-Catharines-04Suction dentures tend to be shorter, more gnarly looking but a lot less bulky in most areas. Suction dentures also tend to be thicker near the tongue area and have wings at the back. These all help with the suction of the dentures.

Longer Lasting

Dentures generally last for about 5 years. This relates to the “best before date” of most standard acrylic (denture base). Higher quality materials are used when making SEMCD Suction Dentures. As a result, the lifepsan of the dentures are prolonged and the procedures are more comfortable for the patient. Higher quality dentures can last for 7-10 (or more) years. This is especially true if proper care and maintenance are kept.

How Much do SEMCD Suction Dentures Cost?

When SEMCD Suction Dentures are made, top quality materials are used throughout the process. Higher quality materials reduce the number of errors that could arise. Great detail and effort is required to record a precise impression as well as capturing the correct bite. The procedures are therefore lengthier.


Prices Differ from Province to Province…

In Ontario Suction Dentures cost can start from $3,700 (upper and lower). If these dentures last for 7-10 or more years it is an average of $435 per year. This also helps you save money on denture glue and possibly even dental implants. Money is also saved on the reduced number of adjustment appointments required.


Benefits of SEMCD Suction Dentures

A thorough consultation and examination is required. This helps determine if you are a candidate for SEMCD Suction Dentures. The good news is, approximately 80% of lower denture wearers are candidates! This means 80% of lower denture wearers could reduce the need for denture adhesives. They could also eliminate the stress and cost in pursuing dental implants while having a more comfortable and stable lower denture to eat, chew and smile better with.


Always look for the SEMCD Suction Denture certification from your denturist or dental professional because this will determine if they have been professionally trained to achieve suction with their dentures. Many sore spots and problems come from improper training and poorly made dentures. The clinician needs to strive in minimize problems that may arise when making SEMCD Suction Dentures. The same concept is true when getting a custom-fitted shirt or dress. Every little measurement and detail goes a long way toward the final outcome.

Realistic and Natural Smile

Wearing conventional complete dentures can help you look younger because they provide a fuller facial appearance. They also provide a realistically natural smile, and boost your confidence while being around others. Most importantly, they help align your jaw to its correct position avoiding the development of inflammation and pain in the temporal mandibular joint (TMJ) while allowing you to eat, swallow, and digest food better. At the end of the day… what you’re able to eat will determine if you are able to get enough nutrients and how healthy you will be.
The sooner you get treatment the better it is in minimizing many potential problems from occurring. You can stop asking yourself, “why are my dentures so loose”, and stop buying denture adhesives or creams.

To quote Benjamin Franklin,

“A long life may not be good enough, but a good life is long enough.”

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