Denture Repairs & Relines in St Catharines

What Are Repairs for Dentures?

Despite the specialized processing for dentures, denture emergencies happen. To fix cracks, breaks or tooth-related accidents, visit our denture repair and reline laboratory at Hayven Dentures, St Catharines, ON.

Indications for Repairs?

Cracks or fractures, complete breaks in acrylic dentures or tooth-related accidents are all candidates for repairs. Breaks in the framework or clasps for cast partial dentures can also potentially be repaired. A denture repair can also include adding new teeth to an existing partial denture when natural teeth are extracted if the partial denture is still in good working condition. It is important to get relines as the rocking of a poorly fitted denture will lead to future breaks because of the uneven forces distributed in the mouth. We offer complimentary consultations in our St Catharines denture repair clinic to assess and inform you of all your options.

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Benefits of Professional Denture Repair

Super glue is toxic and should be not used in your mouth. Instead, your denture is repaired with appropriate materials and you go home with a smile! Our repairs are completed and given back to you on the same day.

Indications for Relines or Rebases?

A reline is recommended every 2 to 3 years to prevent the denture from rocking and changing your bite which could result in fractures. A reline is recommended after the first year if you had an immediate denture placed after your teeth were extracted.


A slow increase in looseness and/or rocking of the denture can indicate you should be looking towards getting a reline. As long as the teeth on the denture are still in good condition, a reline can be done to fill the space between the denture and your gums to ensure a good fit.

What Are Relines and Rebases for Dentures?

A reline is a procedure where we reshape the denture by adding a permanent liner to the underside so it can comfortably fit nice and snug to your tissue (gums). A rebase follows the same procedure, however we replace all the acrylic of your denture with new acrylic because old acrylic will harbor bacteria over the years.

Benefits of Getting Dentures Relined or Rebased

Once any teeth are removed from your jaw bone, that bone will continue to shrink for the rest of your life. Because a denture is made to tightly fit your gums the day you receive them, the acrylic does not mold and follow your gums as they change over the years. As the bone shrinks, the space between the gums and the denture increases over time. You may get cracks or fractures in your denture because any slight rock or looseness of the denture can change the way you bite. Stress in a poorly fitted denture because of uneven forces distributed in the mouth can lead to breaks.

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