Complete Dentures

What Are Complete Dentures?

Complete dentures are also known as full dentures or full plates. They are provided as treatment when there are no natural teeth remaining. You can have an upper denture, a lower denture, or a full set dentures. They are removable dentures allowing easy access for cleaning. The top plate can achieve suction quite easily. This allows the wearer to smile, chew and eat. The bottom denture can also have suction but is rare compared to the top. The degree of suction for both upper dentures and bottom dentures can be improved drastically with SEMCD Suction Denture technique.

Indications For Complete Dentures:

Complete dentures can be for either the upper and/or lower arch. The possibility of having all your natural teeth extracted depends on the diagnosis provided by your dental professional. For example, if you have only a few natural teeth remaining but the teeth are not healthy and cannot be saved, your dentist may advise to extract these teeth and wear a complete denture. The benefits can include better aesthetics, improved chewing, oral health, and overall health.


Dentures generally last for about 5 – 7 years. The acrylic material which makes up the denture has a “best before date” of about 5 years. Since acrylic is porous, it can trap a lot of bacteria and stains overtime. The “best before date” is a guide to start taking notice of the condition of your dentures. It can become weaker, brittle and unhygienic making it more prone to breakage or making the wearer more susceptible to infections and TMJ Disorder.

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What is TMJ Disorder?

The teeth used for the denture can wear away which can distort the location of your bite. This causes stress to your temporomandibular joint (TMJ) leading to detrimental TMJ disorders. The TMJs are the two joints that connect your jaw bone to the skull. The amount of stress we put on these joints can be greater than the stress we place on the knee joints. The TMJs help dictate the specific way you chew your food!

Complete Dentures Cost

The dental plate cost can vary from clinic to clinic. Each province in Canada is provided a fee guide to follow. This fee guide takes into account of several factors. These factors include: the time it takes to make the dentures, the cost of the materials, and the additional costs to keep a good clinic operating. The fee guide “guides” each clinician to provide successful and health-benefiting denture treatments. Furthermore, the fee guide pricing has accounted for the senior’s affordability of denture treatments.

The Grade And Quality of Complete Denture

Since everyone’s mouth is different, it is strongly advised that an examination and consultation be made to determine the grade and quality of complete denture that suits you best. For example, standard complete dentures (grade I) are created using average and basic tooth shades, shape and plate material. They may fit comfortably and allow for adequate chewing of softer foods. These dentures however are by no means customized to your natural bite and natural appearance.


The number of adjustment appointments after receiving these dentures can range from three to ten (3 – 10), or sometimes even more appointments.

Quality & Value Over Price


Precision complete dentures (grade III) are more personalized and utilize premium material, precise measurements and techniques to achieve a more natural look and a more natural biofunctional denture. These dentures allow the wearer to eat, speak and laugh with confidence. It is noticeable that the number of adjustment appointments with grade III or IV dentures are greatly reduced.

Services After The Completion of The Dentures

On average in Ontario, a standard complete upper denture could start from $1,100, a standard complete lower denture could start from $1,300, a precision complete upper denture could start from $1,400, and a precision complete lower denture could start from $1,600. These numbers reflect the quality and time that is put into making a denture that fits you.


It is highly recommended that you schedule a consultation to get proper pricing suited for your needs as these prices are only a guide for your budget. Furthermore, depending on the clinic, any services after the delivery or completion of the dentures can be considered additional which might incur additional costs, such as relines, repairs, etc… Make an appointment now to ask us about Grade IV complete dentures and how they might vastly benefit you.

What’s In It for Me?

A thorough consultation and examination can help determine the degree of personalization the dentures require to ensure a successful treatment for you. As a team of professionally trained denturists, we will provide our assessment and feedback but ultimately, we will work together in making dentures that best suit your specific needs and lifestyle. We are making you a denture that is customized only for your mouth and we strive to minimize any problems that may arise while wearing the dentures. Similar to getting a custom-fitted shirt or dress from a designer or tailor, every little measurement and detail goes a long way towards the final outcome.

Avoiding the Development of Pain

Wearing complete dentures will help you look younger, have a fuller facial appearance, and in turn boost your confidence to be around other people. They also help align your jaw to its’ correct position to avoid the development of inflammation and pain in the temporal mandibular joint (TMJ) while allowing you to chew, eat and digest food better. At the end of the day… what you’re able to eat will determine if what kind of nutrients your body will receive and is directly related to your overall health and well-being. The sooner you get treatment the better it is in minimizing potential destructive lesions, disorders, and/or inflammations from occurring.


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