What's Causing Your Dentures To Smell And What You Can Do About It

Are you wondering why your dentures are starting to smell? Taking care of your dentures is a commitment. Like natural teeth, dentures need to be cleaned regularly to keep them looking good and smelling fresh. Without adequate maintenance, dentures can accumulate bacteria, leading to bad-smelling yeast production underneath the dentures. Dentures are also porous, meaning that regular brushing is sometimes not enough to keep bad breath at bay.
So now you have smelly dentures. What can you do about it? Here are some ways you can keep your dentures smelling and looking good.

Soak Your Dentures Overnight
Make a habit of soaking your dentures overnight in a diluted vinegar solution or, the recommended option, a mild specialized denture-soaking solution. It will help get rid of the bacteria built up during the day and prevent bad smells.
Taking your dentures out for the night also has another added benefit: it reduces the rate of bone loss in the jaw. If you regularly leave your dentures in your mouth for long periods, you may require readjustments or refittings more frequently to make up for bone density loss.

Remove Your Dentures Regularly
Failing to remove your dentures regularly is a common reason for bad-smelling dentures. Bacteria thrive in the moist environment of our mouths. We recommend removing them after eating and giving them a quick rinse before putting them back in. Often, a few short cleans during the day and an overnight soak is enough to prevent bacteria from building up.

Use Correct Cleaning Tools
Remember to brush your dentures with a soft-bristled toothbrush and cleaning paste designed explicitly for dentures at least once daily. Avoid any strong cleansers or bleach-containing products as they can weaken dentures and change their appearance. If your dentures have metal attachments, do not soak them in chlorinated solutions as the metal will tarnish and corrode.

Schedule Regular Dental Check-ups
Regular dental check-ups are essential to your oral health. Your denturist will professionally clean your dentures and examine them to ensure a proper fit.

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