Is the Cost of Implant Dentures Worth It – read here!

One of the most effective denture types in Canada are implant dentures.

Despite the fact that implant dentures have been around for a few decades and used widely in that time in Canada, many people still consider them a more modern option than traditional dentures.

A concern many denture patients have with implant-supported dentures is how much they assume the cost will be.

After all, we think that higher quality equates to higher costs. In this case though, over the long-term, implant dentures' total cost may equate to and oftentimes is better than the expense of non-implant dentures.

For most people, they find the cost to be worth it. Let's take a more precise look at the cost of implant dentures.

Is A High-Quality Denture Important?

Think of implant-supported dentures as the ultimate long-term investment for your health. They are built to last a lot longer than traditional dentures, requiring way less replacements and way less major repairs provided they are adequately cared for.

The quality put into a set of implant dentures can also save a person money in the way the appliance helps to keep your remaining teeth in strong, stable form and in how it works on the jawbone.

If cost was not a factor and it came down simply to quality, implant dentures outrank its alternatives.

How Do Implant Dentures Work?

An implant denture is one of the closest human made teeth to natural teeth.

Because of the way implant dentures are built, the process of acquiring them is extensive and requires a surgical process.

To get implant dentures, a titanium piece is surgically implanted into the jaw. This mimics the function of a tooth's root. It stimulates the jawbone and secures the denture which clicks into place over top of it. The result is the same dynamic of a real tooth.

With this, you preserve the contours of your face, support your facial muscles, reduce self-consciousness, and your dentures jump into action doing everything your missing teeth normally would.

There's no need to apply adhesive or rely on your tongue to hold it into place. A denture like this is fitted to match the natural shape of your mouth and is stable in place in perpetuity.

The result is evident in the performance of implant-supported dentures – simple as that.

You can eat the same foods you've always eaten. You don't need to worry about any embarrassment with dentures falling out. Everything is held into place, very much like your real teeth would be.

Breaking Down the Cost of Implant Dentures

You may get a quote for implant dentures from a few different sources. It can be tough to compare the cost of implant dentures, however, as each quote may or may not have key services included.

  • Implant dentures require multiple exams and office visits.
  • You may require a tooth or root extraction, depending on circumstances Bone grafting.
  • The process of surgically placing the titanium root, aka the dental implant.
  • Placing the crown or denture.
  • Any additional x-rays and/or post-operative care.

How Can You Afford Implant Dentures?

There may be financing options available to you for implant dentures, though this varies from patient to patient.

If you have dental insurance, check with your provider. They may cover a portion of implant dentures though, again, this varies by carrier.

Another way to finance implant dentures is to apply for a low-interest loan, something which is available through financial institutions as well as healthcare credit companies.

Hayven Dentures, a St. Catharines and Niagara denture clinic, do offer payment plans.

Analyzing Total Lifespan Costs

As mentioned earlier, implant dentures do cost less over the long-term when compared to alternative tooth-replacement methods such as bridges and other denture types.

Don't let the upfront cost fool you. Many patients who select bridges and standard dentures unfortunately encounter additional costs later on, such as for frequent replacements.

On average, replacements of older denture types take place every 5-10 years.

Quality of the materials and design matters, and in this case, implant dentures hit the mark.

The longevity of implant-supported dentures is inarguably better than that of other dentures. Factoring this in, it's easy to see the cost as more affordable.

How Much Do Implant Dentures Cost?

Now that you know all these benefits of implant dentures, the question remains of how much dentures actually cost.

Depending on who you talk to, implant dentures can vary pretty wildly in cost.

To receive an accurate quote for implant dentures customized to you, schedule a denture consultation.

In the consultation process, an assessment is conducted to help a denture expert determine what's needed for implant dentures as well as if you are a candidate for them in the first place. We're happy to make clear any other options that may be available as well, with price comparisons.

Please call Hayven Dentures in Niagara and St. Catharines today to schedule a no-obligation consultation and speak to a denturist directly!