Implant Dentures Pros and Cons

Removable implant dentures hold a complete or partial denture in place through surgically placed components in the jaw bone. Implant dentures are one of the most sought-after dentures because of the quality of the denture, their lifespan, their esthetics, and so much more. These sort of clip-on dentures come with pros and cons alike, but are worth revisiting for any patient considering this denture type.

Pro – They're removable

The pros and cons of removable dentures is a list that isn't complete without acknowledging the obvious advantage of being able to remove them. This means they can be easily cleaned at night and provide you with some rest away from carrying your dentures in your mouth all the time.

Pro – They're stronger

Snap-on dentures like these are not held in place by any sort of suction or adhesive. They literally clip into the mouth which makes them one of the strongest dentures you can have. You don't require much more assistance in keeping them in place. Implant dentures aren't going to be rolling around your mouth and they certainly won't be an inconvenience to the rest of your mouth.

Con – They aren't permanently fixed dentures

Permanently fixed implant dentures are non-removable dentures that usually consist of a row of prosthetic teeth only removed by the dentist annually for cleaning. For some people, they may prefer something permanently installed while others may not. Fortunately, removable implant dentures are less expensive than fixed implant dentures however because they are still removable, they are larger in size relative to the slim fixed implant denture.

Pro – They're great for your oral health

To be honest, any kind of denture is going to provide significant benefit to one's oral health. Any time natural teeth are removed along the jaw bone, the bone starts to resorb into itself. This means a natural shrinking begins to occur over time. When an implant is put in, the implant mimics the root of a real tooth in that resorption is greatly reduced. At the same time, this also helps to maintain facial appearance and gum height. All in all, it's extremely beneficial.

Con – They can be tough trying to take out

Once you get the hang of it, removable implant dentures are remarkably easy to remove however sometimes there can be a learning curve to getting the process down pat. Food particles can accumulate if you have struggles with removing them correctly however it's a learning curve that simply takes time to adjust to. Your denturist can also provide an extra tool designed for removing your removable implant denture if need be.

Pro – You get a stronger bite

Removable implant dentures like these increase your bite force because of the increased stability and retention. As we lose teeth, the bite force drops rather quickly. Before long, some people are reduced to eating softer foods and chewing much more slowly. If this is you, don't panic! A secured denture such as a removable implant denture can reverse this effect. The jaw muscles will strengthen and soon you can bite into apples, steaks, peanuts, corn on the cob, and anything chewy and tough with ease.

Pro – They're great for sensitive gums

Removable implant dentures have great retention in the mouth and leave little to no sores in the mouth. Because they don't move around, they're recommended for people with sensitive gums. Injuries to the gums aren't fun. They can ruin the experience of having dentures, yet they are unavoidable with some lesser quality denture types. When you choose removable implant dentures, you won't run into this problem. Your mouth won't get irritated or aggravated, and little harm will come to your gums.

Con – It takes time to complete

The entire process of removable implant-supported dentures can span over months to ensure the most accurate fit and integration of the implants. The procedure involves wearing complete dentures temporarily as the implants heal. Thankfully, with experienced collaboration between the denturist and dentist, you won't have anything to worry about. We are happy to answer questions about the length of time and procedure required and will be by your side the whole length of the way to obtain the finished result.

Pro – A much cleaner way to eat

Dentures supported by implants means you're not having to worry about slipping dentures, removing uncomfortable dentures, or having to use denture adhesive constantly to keep them in place. Unfortunately, in the past, we've seen some patients limit what they eat and change their lifestyle to accommodate a denture that simply was not a fit for them. Though these aren't permanent fixed dentures, removable implant dentures eliminate the need to remove them during a meal or the need to wear adhesives because the appliance won't stay in place.

Con – It costs more

Like previously mentioned, removable implant dentures are much more affordable than permanent fixed dentures, however they cost more than complete conventional or suction dentures. A visit to the dentist required for the implant surgery as well as the components of the implants make the difference between an implant denture and a conventional denture. Removable implant dentures are a great medium between conventional and permanent dentures and give you the greater stability but for a far less cost than the fixed.

Pro – You almost get your teeth back!

Any denturist will tell you the closest thing to having your natural teeth back is with snap-on dentures. You can eat what you want and taste more of what you're eating. This is because these aren't traditional dentures. They don't cover the roof of your mouth where you have taste buds. Having an open palate like this will also make it easier to articulate and enunciate words. The extra bite strength also allows you to chew your food for more flavor and prevent you from swallowing things whole. If you're someone who has struggled with their speech or eating because of the state of their teeth, this is a great solution.