How to Choose A Denture Clinic Near You

Are you thinking about getting dentures – if so, the next step is finding the right denture clinic in Niagara or St. Catharines.

If you want to best care, it's important to do some research to make sure you're investing your time with a denture clinic that provides you what you want but also a treatment that improves your health and quality of life. Chances are, if you've arrived on our page, it's for a purpose. Here is what we think is important on how to choose a denture clinic near you.

Ask Friends

Firstly, if you have friends or family that are wearing dentures and they like them, you can ask where they got their smiles done.

This sort of conversation can instantaneously give you a feel for a denture clinic and offers a reference that you can verify. In comparison with unknown testimonials or reviews you can end up being leary of the truth behind them. We trust the people around us and getting a direct and blunt answer is better than beating around the bush..


Any reputable denture clinic isn't shy about sharing their accreditations. A clinic's website may feature individual profiles on the denturists that work there, highlighting their awards and accreditations.

You want to know the professional you're working with is indeed a qualified and up-to-date professional, with the right background and training. Ensure they are licensed and a member of the relevant college. Fortunately, most clinics have this readily displayed.

Services Offered

What services a denture clinic offers is obviously very important. You don't want to waste time finding a denture clinic to only find out the service you're looking for isn't offered or the quality of the service you're looking for is not to your expectations. Sometimes it's even good to ask the professional you're working with: β€œwhy aren't you offering this type of service in your denture clinic?”

Furthermore, a denture clinic in St. Catharines should have the specialized tools and equipment to provide the service in-house as opposed to sending you elsewhere. For a long time, some patients in our city were forced to drive to Hamilton or elsewhere for denture clinic services that could have been provided locally.

Cost And Affordability

You don't want to go with simply the cheapest denture there is and the cheapest denture clinic but cost does matter.

A denturist should be open to discussing price, offering comparisons between different denture types and providing quotes for different services. A denture clinic should offer value and reasonable pricing – two things that don't have to be mutually exclusive.

Online Reviews

When all other methods fail to help you determine which denture clinic to go to, you can always count on today's world of technology and search for them online and the genuine reviews that they have. See what their patients are already saying.

From social media accounts to Google, you've got plenty of places to look and hear about the experiences of other people at a particular denture clinic. If there's a ton of horror stories, obviously you know to avoid. If there are hundreds of five-star reviews then you should see if there is a pattern to the reviews to determine how genuine they are.

Free Consultation

A free consultation comes with no obligations. You're just sitting down to have a conversation. Denture clinics offer free consultations because they know it brings them business. For you, it's an opportunity to ask what you want and get a sense of their staff, their professionalism, and their care for your well-being.

Get a sense of the denturist and the clinic. See if the staff are nice or if they're too busy to assist you. Trust your gut on these things. If your first-hand experience with a denturist isn't positive, consider moving on to the next denture clinic on your list.

Can They Answer Your Questions?

Meeting a Niagara denturist in-person via consultation, they should be able to put your mind at ease and answer any questions you have. If you find that they are leaving out some pretty important information about different procedures or are hiding pricing, that's a warning sign.

A denture clinic shouldn't have any problem being honest and comprehensive in providing information to you.

Do You Feel Pressured?

A denturist isn't there to make anything more than a recommendation. With multiple types of dentures, don't hesitate to ask about each one and their applicability to you.

Sometimes, a denturist may be anxious to use a specific denture type to make more money or because they believe it to be the best option for the patient. No matter the intention, a recommendation is appropriate but pressuring a patient is not.

If you feel like your denture clinic is trying to coerce you into a specific type of dentures, move along to someone else.

Do They Offer Relines And Repairs?

You will be working with a denturist for the long-term. If there's ever an issue with your dentures, repairs and/or a relining may be required and that should be something a denturist is able to accommodate at their clinic.

This, ideally, provides you with a one-stop-shop to go get everything done. You avoid the unnecessary hassle of having to coordinate with multiple specialists just to get a denture replacement, repair, or relining.

Are you undecided on what denture clinic is best for you – schedule a consultation at Hayven Denture Clinic. We are certain that sharing more information about the work we do and conducting an assessment on you, you'll be more than comfortable in our capable hands.

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