Can Dentures Be Reshaped?

Yes, dentures can be reshaped.

If your dentures no longer fit comfortably, they may need relining. At Hayven Dentures, we offer repair and reline services to ensure your dentures fit perfectly.

The interior lining of your dentures must fit snugly against your gums. If there are loose or sore spots, a reline may be ideal. This involves adjusting the inside lining of your dentures so that they match the curvature of your gum tissue.

The old lining is replaced with a new one that is custom-made for your mouth.

When Is Denture Reshaping Necessary?

After 3 to 4 months from getting a tooth extracted, the tissue holding it in place can be absorbed back into the body. This process can occur while waiting for your dentures, which explains why your device might not look and feel comfortable the first time you wear it.

Over time, as the gums change form, the dentures may also feel loose, as they no longer complement the gum shape. They can become wobbly, and this is when you may need to consider relining.

Types of Denture Reline

Relining can be either soft or hard. Following a thorough assessment, we inform you of which option is more suitable for your case. But to give you an idea of how these relines work, here's a quick overview of their advantages and disadvantages:

  • Soft reline. Soft relining is usually recommended for denture wearers with tender or sensitive gums. They tend to be more comfortable because the material used is soft and pliable. If the bone tissue is still being absorbed into the body, this may be the ideal option, but it lasts only for a year and must be replaced afterward. The procedure is quick if the reline is done in the dental office, but it can take longer if the reline is forwarded to a dental laboratory. This will mean you’ll have to go without dentures while waiting for your reline. The soft reline may also require more adjustments because of its soft and porous quality.
  • Hard reline. If you prefer a denture adjustment that will last longer, then your dentist may recommend a hard reline. Here, a harder material is used for the denture base. It’s less pliable, so it’s likely to last longer. But if it also must be sent to a third-party dental lab, you’ll have to go without dentures for a while.

If your dentures are starting to feel loose or uncomfortable, relining or reshaping them can help improve their fit. If your dentures are damaged, you may also talk to a denture specialist about repairs.

Signs Your Dentures Need Reshaping or Adjustments

  • Soreness. Experiencing jaw pain and mouth discomfort can all be indications that denture reshaping is necessary. Pain, especially when you bite down on food, can mean that the bone tissues have been reabsorbed into the body, leaving loose and sore spots when you wear your dentures.
  • Chewing difficulties. Ideally, this is only temporary and will go away once you have adjusted to your appliance. But if it comes back again, even worse this time, that can be one sign your dentures need reshaping.
  • Changes in how the dentures fit. If the dentures suddenly no longer feel snug in your mouth, they will need reshaping for a comfortable fit. Attempting to change the form of your dentures can lead to breakage, so bring your device to your denturist instead.
  • Changes in facial structure. Dentures can help preserve your facial structure by preventing bone resorption. But if you notice changes in your jaw or face shape, do not hesitate to talk to your denturist. Your dentures may need adjustments to match your mouth's shape.
  • Broken or damaged tooth. The artificial teeth in your dentures can crack, chip, or get damaged. While this does not necessarily affect how your dentures function, bringing your appliance to your denturist for repairs helps. The sharp edges can injure your cheeks or soft tissue, and you’ll want to avoid this to keep potential problems at bay.

Denture Reshaping or Relining in St. Catherines and Niagara Falls, ON

At Hayven Dentures, we focus on delivering personalized dentures. Producing dentures requires technical knowledge, skills, and artistry. Your dentures must not only look realistic; they must also feel comfortable.

Our in-house dental laboratory allows us to fabricate dental appliances much quicker; you won’t have to wait long to start wearing your brand-new smile.

Contact us today to learn more about our custom denture solutions or to request an appointment for emergency denture repairs in St. Catherines and the Niagara Region.