Are Dentures Covered by OHIP – Read Here!

Our teeth are very important, not only for the purpose of chewing our food but for the significant impact it has on both our physical and mental health. They strongly impact our appearance, our attractiveness and our diet. They can help us appear friendlier and more trustworthy which can translate to our own state of mind, social status and even income. People with a nice smile tend to have a higher chance of landing a job compared to someone who doesn't. If you've been affected by issues with your missing teeth,
dentures – completes or partials – might be your answer.

The cost of dentures can be scary… scary in the sense that it can range from a very low cost to a very high cost. For example, suction dentures will have a lower cost than implant dentures but a higher cost than conventional dentures. The reason for this huge range is based on the combination of time, effort, materials and service being provided to the individual. It is always best to seek consultation to determine what's best for your health and your wallet. It can be discouraging to call your denturist to get a quote that far exceeds what you consider affordable.

Dental health and the benefits of dentures are important but due to the cost involved, we have heard the question before: “Are dentures covered by the Ontario Health Insurance Plan (OHIP)?” – well, here's the truth.

Does OHIP Cover Dentures?

OHIP covers the expenses of what it deems to be “necessary”, which largely falls into medical procedures and medical services. Unfortunately, most dental care treatments are not recognized to be medical procedures or medical services. Therefore, the dentures themselves, even though they are classified as medical appliances and devices, are unfortunately not covered by OHIP. OHIP may however cover some dental surgeries if it is done in a hospital.

There have been ongoing debates and discussions to see how dentures can be implemented into OHIP as they can be considered a necessity. As St. Catharines denture professionals, we see many patients who lose their appetite, weight, and overall health because they aren't able to eat properly or at all. Self confidence also takes a huge hit as we also see people avoiding get-togethers or family gatherings or simply staying at home as much as possible so they aren't seen without teeth. Our office works with patients from all backgrounds and budgets. We try our best to work with each of our patients to get them the service they need without compromising performance, quality and service at the trade off of lower costs or discounts.

Without relying on OHIP a lot of patients choose to use other insurance programs. These insurances can even help with the implant surgery and implant dentures. Insurances may also cover costs for dentures. Particularly for seniors, this can be a very big help.

What to Look for in an Insurance Plan to Get Dentures in Niagara?

Some insurance plans through employers offer dental plans although not all policies will give financial support for dentures.

For help with the cost of dentures, you will have to study, review and compare insurance policies. Basic coverage does not extend to dentures as this is classified as major restorative procedures. Fortunately, more comprehensive plans do cover dentures, including complete and partial dentures and sometimes even implant dentures.

Depending on the insurance plan and company selected, the percentage of cost covered varies along with how often you can get a denture. Deductibles and co-pays still apply so ultimately dentures aren't free unless you have multiple other insurances to help offset the balance. Having financial assistance from insurance is more helpful than not which makes it a very popular route to obtaining affordable dentures.

Does Disability in Ontario Cover Dentures?

Ontario Works (OW) and the Ontario Disability Support Program (ODSP) both have dental coverages. The good thing is that both OW and ODSP do cover dentures. Some of the services they're known to cover include complete dentures, partial dentures, and even denture repairs and relines.

Check with your denturist beforehand to see if they accept OW or ODSP as a form of payment. For any eligible Ontario residents, this is great news for someone who isn't in the position to pay out-of-pocket or to go through an insurance company. Through these income assistance programs, registered residents can access high-quality denture services to ensure they receive dentures that are comfortable, attractive, and functional.

Are Dentures Really THAT Important?

There are several things that happen when you lose some or all your teeth. Your eating habit changes – you have to modify the way you eat because you can't eat as well as you used to, or even at all. This in turn has an effect on your digestion which in time can have a negative impact on your health. Sometimes your pronunciation and speech are affected and often, your appearance also changes along with the loss of teeth.

Canadians deserve to live normally even if their teeth are missing. They should be able to get dentures that help maintain and improve their oral condition. This is also true for the many Canadians who are already living with dentures. Dentures should not be the cause of pain or be ill-fitting and cause discomfort.

Dentures in the Niagara region are unquestionably important and do so much more than replace deteriorating or missing teeth. They restore your smile, your outer appearance and your confidence. They support a good life balance, good digestion and mouth functions (such as speech). Dentures restore who you are.

What Kind of Dentures Are Offered?

If you believe you might need dentures, contact a denturist at Hayven today. An initial consultation and examination can help determine what type of denture is right for you – the best is, it's free as Hayven Dentures believe in providing information and suggestions so you make the best possible choice for yourself. Our denture services include complete dentures, partial dentures, immediate dentures, implant dentures, suction dentures, and more.

Hayven Dentures Clinic in St. Catharines has helped hundreds of people across the Niagara region find the right dentures for them. Affordable, high-quality dentures that are built to last. We'll do everything we can to work with you and available payment options to cover costs as appropriate.

After we identify what needs to be done in your consultation, a denturist will provide your cost estimate. It doesn't hurt to know what your options are. Although denture procedures take time, at the end of it, the result you're left with will be worth every effort. Contact one of our representatives today and book a consultation with Hayven Dentures.

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