5 Warning Signs You Need to See A Denture Clinic Immediately

How do you know when it's time to see a denture clinic… and how do you know when it's urgent or not?

Hayven Denture Clinic specializes in treating patients for dentures, including managing repairs, relines, and replacements.

In our effort to do right by our clients, we advise anyone to come in if there's ever any trouble fitting your dentures in or if there's been an accident with your dentures resulting in damage regardless of how major or minor.

We help patients with broken, cracked, and chipped dentures every year and help them smile again.

Anyone with dentures that just aren't fitting like they used to or with loose dentures may also consider it is time to visit a denture expert at our clinic.

Alternatively, if you have missing teeth or recently experienced tooth loss, there's no reason to wait in getting an assessment by a denturist and seeing if you're a candidate for any of the possible denture treatments or options available.

Whether you have dentures or don't, there are some clear warning signs that shouldn't wait.

For all our patients, we want to see you as quickly as we can to assess the situation and provide some resolution.

You're Missing Teeth

Accidents happen. Patients don't always lose teeth due to age. Regardless of how you lost your teeth, it's best to see a denturist sooner rather than later.

A lack of teeth means there's no mechanical stimulation being put on the jawbone. No stimulation here will gradually cause the bone to shrink and disappear. This doesn't happen in days but rather months and years. Having properly made dentures in though can help with decreasing unwanted resorption (bone loss) or unhealthy formation of the gums.

A high-quality pair of dentures – especially implant-supported dentures – will work to protect the jawbone.

With implant dentures, we use titanium implants to mimic the effects of a tooth root which stimulates the maintenance and formation of the bone to prevent resorption. You avoid bone loss and all the discomfort that comes alongside missing teeth. The sooner, the better.

Discomfort While Wearing

It is normal to feel some discomfort wearing dentures for the first time. You have to get used to them, after all or as we, Hayven Dentures like to say: β€œwe help your dentures get used to you as well.”

That said, prolonged pain isn't normal. If you notice there's significant pain, jaw soreness, a looseness to the dentures, sores in your mouth, or as if there's uneven pressure on the gums, these are all signs of something wrong.

Visit a denture clinic immediately to have your dentures assessed. It could be a sign of a bad fit, an infection in your mouth, or be indicative that there's bone reabsorption happening – all of which need to be addressed. They may need to be refitted or adjusted.

Your Dentures Are Broken

Dentures that have been dropped, stepped on, that have fallen off the table, or if too much pressure has been put on them can break.

If it's a single tooth or the full denture, do not attempt to fix it yourself. Any sort of household adhesive or over-the-counter denture repair kit comes with its own risks. It's likely not to work. Afterward, you'll have to come in any way to address the issue or sometimes worse, a new issue you've caused.

If you accidentally drop your dentures and they don't break but you end up with a crack, still come and see us. A crack, chip, or pit can threaten the function of your dentures and create injuries to the soft tissue.

The faster you address a repair like this, the quicker and (likely) cheaper it will be to get you comfortable again.

Difficulty Chewing

You may not see difficulty chewing as a major emergency – and it isn't, exactly – but it's only going to worsen over time.

If you've had your dentures for a long time and suddenly, you have trouble chewing, the fit is loose.

If this isn't fixed immediately, you're going to run into problems such as mouth sores, raw spots, inflammation, and even bleeding or worse indigestion and improper bowel movements. The more this happens, the more you open yourself up to infections. Don't go down that route. Schedule a consultation with a denturist and tell them everything that's happening. They can fix that fit for you and you won't have to worry about a thing.

You've Changed Your Lifestyle

When we lose teeth or have ill-fitting dentures, we compensate in many ways. Once this has started to impact your life and you're not feeling like you can do the things that make you β€˜you' anymore, it's time for a change.

  • You're avoiding social situations.
  • You've changed your diet to avoid certain foods.
  • You've changed how you speak to hide your teeth.
  • You feel embarrassed by your teeth or are β€˜down' about your facial appearance.
  • You don't have the confidence to smile.
  • You've avoided dental professionals because you don't want anyone to see inside your mouth.
  • You're avoiding romance like kissing or dating out of fear of judgment.

Don't live like this. Contact a denture clinic and get a consultation done. Find out the options available to you.

New and existing patients are welcome. Contact us. Visit Hayven Denture Clinic in Niagara and St. Catharines today, and schedule an appointment to address your needs. Don't let things worsen. Have an expert have a look and recommend a way forward. Denture solutions are a phone call away.